What can we expect?

One of the Pole to Pole team will discuss your crop and picking. If you have Avocado’s we can arrange picking for you.

We will provide you with our terms and conditions, and a new grower form to complete so we can get you established on our system. Once we receive the form we will allocate you a unique grower code, this is to be used on all bins and crates for traceability.

Food Safety

All growers now have to comply with the Food Act 2014 see link below for more information: www.mpi.govt.nz

You must have food safety certification before you pick your crop.

How do I get compliant?

There are several options; you can register with your local council, join NZGAP or GlobalGAP or join our Pole to Pole NZGAP compliance grower group.

If you would like to join our Pole to Pole grower group, please contact either Jenny or Julia to register. We will send you a pack to fill out and organise an audit.


What happens once my crop is picked and goes to the packhouse?

Your fruit will be checked in under your Grower code, graded ready for sale. At this point we will provide you with a packout report. Over the next 6 weeks we will sell the fruit.

When will I get paid?

It takes between 6-8 weeks to process your fruit, and for us to confirm the value. Once the value is confirmed we can then process your payment to you.

What confirmation do I receive?

You will receive a grower’s statement which will show the breakdown of values received for your fruit, broken down by grade and pack type.


Who do I contact for queries?


Export & Avocado Picking: Todd
M: +64 274 789 397
E: todd@poletopole.co.nz

Payments: Pooja
T: +64 7 552 0180
E: pooja@poletopole.co.nz

Packout Reports: Jenny
M: +64 212 760 475
E: jenny@poletopole.co.nz

Compliance: Julia
M: +64 276 444 940
E: julia@poletopole.co.nz